Examples Of Sherman TX Restaurant Equipment Repair

If you operate a restaurant or commercial kitchen in Sherman TX then consider us for your next equipment repair in the Sherman or Denison area of North Texas. We can handle repairs for equipment such as:

  • Hood Installation
  • Hood Repair
  • Walk in Refrigerator Repair
  • Walk in Freezer Repair
  • Hot Plate Repair
  • Fryer Repair
  • Prep Table Repair
  • Ice Machine Repair
  • Exhaust And Vent Hood Repair
  • Ice Cream Machine Repair
  • Restaurant Soft Drink Machine Repair

Here are some of the resources for current Sherman Texas restaurants:



Below are some photos of things we might repair in such an establishment:

Infographic On Fall Heating And Cooling System Maintenance

autumn hvac maintenance tips infographic

Here are some tips (in infographic format) from the mentioned HVAC.com article which give suggestions on maintaining your home’s (or building’s) heating and cooling systems going into the Fall months.

autumn hvac maintenance tips infographic


If you have any questions about your home’s heating and cooling needs in Collin County (and nearby North Texas towns) then call Arctic today at (214) 326-0079.

Infographic On Home Humidity Levels

home humdity levels infographic

A few weeks ago we found an article from HVAC.com regarding home humidity levels, and the problems if the humidity levels were either too high or too low.  Topics included damage to the structure of one’s home, allergy impact and more.  This infographic took a portion of that article regarding the levels being too high/too low, and full credit for the tips goes back to HVAC.com’s article here:  https://www.hvac.com/faq/recommended-humidity-level-home/

home humdity levels infographic

If you are in the Collin County Texas area and would like help regarding your home’s heating and cooling systems then visit Arctic’s website here.